About Melissa


I'm Melissa Eggleton the lady working hard behind the scenes making Wedding Dreams & Events come to life.

Born and raised in Burlington Ontario, I was first inspired by floral design as a teenager when I got my first floristry job. I've always been naturally creative so when I got this job I was ecstatic!

 I connected really well with people through flowers. I'm naturally shy so this really helped me come out of my shell. People would come and buy flowers for all different occasions and then they would always end up telling me their life stories. I haven't stopped designing since then!

I went to Brock University and got a diploma in Sociology, but never did anything with it. I always ended up in jobs  I didn't enjoy so I always ended up going back to floristry, I knew it was meant to be part of my life, it was just me.


Although I've worked all over for florists from Oakville - Niagara; I  gained majority of my Wedding Floral skills from when I worked at florist in Niagara falls that had about 2-6 weddings a week (I kid you not). There I learned the ins and outs of the industry, technical skills and the hard work involved with "someones special day".  After a while I decided I needed to branch out and develop my own style so I launched my own Flower Frenzy in 2018!

I can't believe Flower Frenzy is going it's third year! I'm always planning how I can learn new styles and techniques to make beautiful large scale designs.

You can find me locally hiking with my dog on the most gorgeous trails, at a yoga studio, or venturing one of Ontario's many Wedding Venues looking for my next location to design at!

Preferred Florist with Dundas Valley Golf & Curling Club, and Scottish Rite.

Serving Niagara-Toronto

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